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Andrea Nobile Smooth leather shoes with leather lining. Cotton laces in matching colour. We are an online reference for Napoli footwear in campania.


Andrea Nobile GA 00025 fashion made in italia

Andrea Nobile: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide! Trust fashion made in italia and You will not be disappointed.

Fashion made in Italy or is the best Italian napoli shoes online


We are an online reference for Napoli shoes in campania when it comes for Fashion made in Italia or Fashion made in Italy or again Napoli shoes.

Are we The Best Italian Shoes Money Can Buy?

Absolutely not, however, that’s not our focus. At Fashion Made in Italia or Fashione Made In Italy we try to sell a shoe that is fairly priced with a very high-quality level and an extremely great value level at a lower price. So let’s have a closer look at Italian made factory shoes such as ours.

It’s All About The Leather of Andrea Nobile shoes, Fashion made in Italia, Fashion made in Italy or Napoli shoes

Andrea Nobile shoes are very good tanners and because of that, most Italian footwear are made of Italian leather. Unlike in other countries, you can find entire towns dedicated to leather tanning and it’s just a joy to see that that craft is still so very much alive in Italy today.

So when you look at quality Italian footwear, they will likely have a hand burnished patina with either something darker areas and lighter areas which makes the shoe more lively, easier to combine, and it simply looks much better than a plain colored leather footwear.

What is the fashion made in italy , the aim is to produce high quality Items and accessories here in Italy, so we can protect our know-how while creating jobs, wealth and prosperity.


Andrea Nobile Quality
In terms of costs, they’re all very similar to each other including the machine-made Goodyear welt. In terms of quality, many would rate Goodyear welt on top of the bunch however, that’s not necessarily true. A Goodyear welted shoe just has different characteristics than let’s say a blake rapid Andrea Nobile shoe.

In general, a blake rapid stitch shoe will have a much thinner sole that is also more flexible than a Goodyear welted shoe which is generally a little thicker and harder. Now some people if they have issues with their feet just don’t get along with Goodyear welted Andrea Nobile shoes simply because they are too hard on their feet.

Personally, I own hand welt Goodyear shoes, machine-made Goodyear shoes, as well as Blake and Blake rapid shoes, the difference is really not that big. With the Goodyear welt, you get a little bit of cork on the inside which you usually don’t get with Blake Rapid or Blake construction.

Ultimately what matters more is the design of the last and how it works with your foot. When it comes to heel height Italian shoes have been all over the place. In the 70s, you saw really really tall heels but today, you can mostly find a moderate heel which is perfectly suitable for every kind of man.

Overall I would say that Italian shoes are always a little more fashion-forward, they have lasts that are longer, maybe a little rounded, maybe a little more extreme, they’re usually very stylish, and always put emphasis on elegance of Fashion Made In Italy Napoli.

Dear precious customer Fashion made in italia web site uses Smooth leather with leather lining.
Cotton laces in matching colour. All Product information  that we give you in this website is real and certified.

Exterior: 100% leather

Sole: 100% leather

Lining: 100% leather

Evrything is Good quality and leather Sole are fashion made in Italia, Fashion made in Italy.

Leather original from Fashion Made In Italy Napoli shoes Four Seasons Classic Shoes All Days Classic

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